There's many ways FictionMarket can help editors, but here I'm going to talk about two very important ways. More popular publications tend to get too many submissions to read, and are required to have many interns reading the slush piles. FictionMarket allows authors to see exactly what your publication is accepting - the better idea authors have of what to submit, the better submissions you'll receive. Newer publications can find it very hard to break onto the scene and get quality submission. FictionMarket is a place writers come to find accepting publications - it's a great way to reach out to authors and let them know you exist.

Editors can control the basics of their listing and keep readers up-to-date on the submission dates or themes, update contact information, and let everyone know when the latest edition has been published. They also can directly contact authors to solicit works for future editions.

Join FictionMarket and let us know your publication so we can allow you to take control of your listing.