The developers at FictionMarket are both authors and editors, seeking to have fiction published and publishing fiction in various journals. So we understand how difficult it can be to find journals who might want to read your work. But that's just the beginning, next finding a journal that actually wants to read your style of writing is next to impossible. The journal probably has a statement saying why type of work they are looking for, but often times this is outdated or imcomplete, or worse, not accurate. Editors like mothers, do differently than they say. FictionMarket is here to help you sort through the journals and find ones that actually like your kind of writing.

We read as many stories as we can and give them categories and synopses. In no way are we suggesting you should use this site in place of reading a journal - you should always read at least some of the last few issues of each journal you submit to. But that takes a lot of time. If you read every journal you think might want your type of work, you'd never write. FictionMarket is helping you find the truth behind what journals are publishing, so you can concentrate on the ones that actually are interesting in your fiction.

Mark your favorites, get links to websites, and the latest stories if they are online. When you're ready to submit, FictionMarket is here with a submissions tracker to help you organize your works with where you've submitted, how long it's been in the slush pile, and where you're going to send it next.

When you are published, FictionMarket will post the same information about your story, adding to our catalog of journals and stories. You'll get a little extra publicity and other authors will know more about they journal's tastes in fiction. Keep on writing!

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